• Impact investing: A closer look

    What is it? It’s a growing field of financial and social innovation. In short, it is, “investment where specific social objectives are set and measured,” says Sir Ronald Cohen, chairman of the International Social Impact ...

    5Impact investing, innovative finance

  • How to give your impact measurement a makeover (#1)

    The numbers are telling. While 86.9% of organisations in South Africa’s development sector consider impact measurement a crucial process, a whole 61.7% of them recognise that they don’t do enough of it. Let’s think about ...

    5Impact measurement

  • African innovation: The leapfrogs and left-behinds

    For all the excitement about innovation in Africa, one cannot simply use it to “leapfrog” over all problems. And where does that leave the role of society and state? First, some questions: 1 Is the ...

    5Essays in Question, Opinion

  • Innopinion 2: Make frontline innovation visible and change the system from the inside out

    Across the planet, every day, nurses, doctors and their colleagues wrestle with the challenge of delivering healthcare to those who most need it. Many agree that to enable improvement, we need to learn what works ...

    4Healthcare Innovation, Innopinion, Opinion

  • Destination Education (#1)

    Despite significant government spend, the education system in South Africa is failing our learners. Results are significantly weaker than those of learners in our poorer sub-Saharan neighbour, Zimbabwe, which seems baffling on the surface. But ...

    3Destination Education, Early Childhood Development, Education

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