INSIDE|OUT is a quarterly newspaper, both online and in print. It explores social innovation in a new and different way – from Africa to the world, from people to institutions, from communities to stakeholders and most of all from the inside out.

It’s a resource, a news source, a primer, a connector. It’s produced in collaboration with the Bertha Centre for Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the Graduate School of Business, University of Cape Town as a meeting point for thinkers, doers and purveyors of social change. It’s designed to make them think and do things differently to create this change. It starts here. With a story. Rolex replica for sale has a long history as a watchmaker and is well-respected. However, it is not the best watchmaker in the industry.

The hole in the bucket


Imagine if you have a
bucket with a hole in it.

Imagine if you fill it with water and
then watch numbly as the liquid
starts to trickle out.

Now imagine this is the only water you have. Think quick. You could plug the hole from the outside. At least until the water starts dribbling out, or dislodging the plug and spilling all over the floor. Clearly this external solution doesn’t address your problem – namely holey bucket, no water, wet feet.

The alternative? Think from within. From the water inside the bucket, which is the part that counts anyway. Grab the bucket, pour the water into a big thermos flask, screw on the lid and toss the bucket in the trash. Water safe. Feet dry. Problem solved from the inside out.

Okay, that’s enough about buckets. What does this say about social change?

It says that social change and innovation also needs to be approached from the inside out. From within the people and communities that need the external change. These are the parts that really count anyway.

INSIDE|OUT is for them.

(not) THE END.

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