Editorial Director Dr Fran├žois Bonnici, director, Bertha Centre of Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Editor Justine Joseph
Programme Manager Sarah-Anne Arnold
Bertha Centre and Scholarships Manager Nicolette Laubscher
Art direction, design and printing DEEP,
Contributors Julius Akinyemi, Walter Baets, Sebastian Basler, Eliada Wosu Griffin-El, Nosakhare Griffin-El, Tamsin Jones, Warren Nilsson, Tana Paddock

The Bertha Centre for Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship, or Bertha Centre, was established as the first academic centre in Africa dedicated to research, teaching, dialogue and support on social innovations that positively change and challenge rules, policies, technologies, structures, beliefs and institutions. Priority areas include local led solutions by private sector, civil society and public-private partnerships (PPP) in education, health, poverty and inequality in Africa.


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