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Education Innovation #1: LEAP Science and Maths Schools

Programme description LEAP is a chain of no-fee, independent high schools that provide academic and life skills to the kind of skills they require to become future leaders. The schools require only a nominal fee from students, and are otherwise funded primarily by private donors. Mathematics, Physical Science and English are mandatory subjects. School days […]

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Education Innovation #2: SAILI Scholarship Programme

Programme description South African Innovative Learning Intervention (SAILI) identifies highperforming, low-income students and high-performing, low-cost schools with strong Maths and Science programmes. It then uses scholarships to support these academically talented students in attending these low-cost, high-quality schools. The aim is to produce graduates who continue into Maths and Science fields. Since the programme began in 1996, over 500 graduates have […]

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Education Innovation #3: IkamvaYouth

Programme description IkamvaYouth is a support, tutoring and mentorship initiative that works to equip learners from townships and other disadvantaged communities with the knowledge, skills, networks and resources to access tertiary education or employment. The aim is to address common obstacles to academic achievement. How? By providing supplementary support to secondary school students after school, on Saturday mornings and […]

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