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Solving local problems with local solutions (#1)

By Moses Wasamu

Drones. Grain silos. Biogas. These Kenyan innovations are having great impact both on the ground and in the air. They work because they find answers to local challenges from inside the sectors and communities they serve. Community slaughterhouse turns waste into portable biogas Michael Njau laments the fact that Kenya’s economic growth strategy does not […]

Inside | Moses Wasamu


Moses is a Kenyan communication specialist who writes on media, health, education, youth affairs, religion and new technology. He’s based in Nairobi, but writes for various international publications including The Star in Kenya, the New Internationalist (UK), World Magazine (US), Christianity Today (US), and Christian Times (Juba). He was a Joel Belz Media Fellow in 2012 and a Citizen News Service Health Fellow in 2013. When he’s not writing for work, Moses reads, writes and blogs for leisure… or watches soccer.