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Thoughts on tech with a purpose

By Osiame Molefe

To some people technology is not as interesting as its ability to empower, uplift and educate people. This is only done when technology is “democratised” and available more widely and cheaply. When it reaches people and so has a purpose. Let’s think about that for a moment. [wooslider slider_type=”attachments”] When Piet Strieker, a volunteer teacher […]

Inside | Osiame Molefe


Osiame Molefe is a chartered accountant who’s crunched numbers in Johannesburg, Bermuda and New York. But that was then. Now he’s a Cape Town-based writer who crafts words into news, opinion, analysis, public sector strategy and also some fiction. His interest is in, “the space where personal and societal ambitions intersect with technology, politics and economics”. Welcome to Osiame’s space. An interesting place to be.