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Not a magic pill, but a process

Making a social innovation work is not simple. But when it does, it might be tempting to believe you can just duplicate the process again and again and it will keep working. But it’s not that simple. Let’s look at the reality of scaling, and some crucial questions you need to ask before trying.    […]

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Six questions to ask before scaling

It would be great if successful social innovations really could be popped like magic pills or copied and pasted around a country or community. But they can’t. The implementation and scaling of a Social Innovation (SI) needs as much attention as its piloting and design. Here are some important questions about scaling to consider, particularly […]

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The world’s first Social Franchising Accelerator

The capabilities needed to design a social innovation are different from those required to scale it. That’s why the “magic pill” approach doesn’t work and many social innovators need specialised scaling support. That’s one of the reasons for the recent launch of the world’s first Social Franchising Accelerator by the Bertha Centre, in partnership with the […]

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