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The data that counts

One of the great challenges of development work is that you can never really tell whether or not it’s making a difference in the lives of its beneficiaries. Except… you can. Here’s how to find the data you need to quantify the return on social investment – and why you need to do it now. […]

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Systemise to maximise

As with any business, measuring – and demonstrating – the success of a social investment will help the organisation driving that investment to grow. But if your organisation offers social programmes, you need to have proper systems in place before you can even think of expanding your services. In fact, scaling a social investment can be a waste of time (and money) […]

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The 7 principles of social impact measurement

The SROI Network suggests using this list of seven simple checkpoints when measuring return on social investment offered by an innovation or organisation: 1. Involve the stakeholders Identify and consult stakeholders as the analysis is undertaken. This is to ensure that the value (and the way it’s measured) is informed by the actual people who are supposed to benefit from what you’re […]

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