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Are you ready to replicate?

Got a social enterprise you want to scale up? Dan Berelowitz, co-founder and chief executive of the International Centre for Social Franchising (ICSF), suggests this 10-point checklist for self-assessing your project’s readiness. [wooslider slider_type=”attachments”] Sharing this list in UK daily newspaper The Guardian, he proposed giving a score out of 10 for each question, where […]

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A social franchise case study

HIPPY SA, or Home Instruction for Parents of Pre-school Youngsters in South Africa, is an interesting illustration of the process around social benefit and scalability. The organisation started in Israel in 1969 and focuses on three to five-year-old children, their parents and the broader home environment. The core philosophy is that parents need to be […]

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Social franchising (to KFC or not to KFC)

Social and commercial franchising share the goal of achieving quality-consistent business quicker, easier and with less risk. But can social enterprises truly be replicated and franchised like commercial chains? And if so, will the result be (finger-lickin’) good? [wooslider slider_type=”attachments”] Kentucky Fried Chicken and Nando’s are like birds that migrate to new and distant lands. […]

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