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So here’s another good question…

“What if countries competed with each other to become the most socially innovative in the world ” – Matthew Bishop, New York Bureau Chief of The Economist and Social Progress Imperative advisory board member What if they did? And what if they also competed to become the happiest or the most progressive? Wouldn’t that be […]

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Social Innovation Lab Causes Creative Reactions

The Social Innovation (SI) Lab is a unique learning-by-doing social venture course in the UCT Graduate School of Business MBA. It’s led by the Bertha Centre for Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship. This lab is causing creative chemical reactions in the way students think and do. [wooslider slider_type=”attachments”] “The multi-faceted challenges of today call for creative […]

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Here’s How it Starts

Social impact is always more impactful when it works from the inside out. In other words, from within the environment, community or social challenge that it’s seeking to address. Creating an innovation, business or organisation that achieves this end has to start with the right kind of thinking. This means thinking about the problem from […]

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